Syracuse Developers

A Salesforce Community Group

There are several ways to keep up with the group's activities.
Expand each section to see the best ways to follow us.

The Trailblazer Community Groups site is how we track membership, schedule meetings and how you will RSVP to upcoming events. It's very important that every group member joins this site.

To Join: Go to our group page. Click the 'Join Us' button. Login. If you do not have a trailblazer community account, click 'Create Account'. You are not required to use a Salesforce production account. This account is separate from your Trailhead or Success accounts.

Please opt in to the emails. It will allow us to send you notifications on upcoming events, changes to events you signed up for and conduct post event surveys.

We use the @syracusedevs twitter account for posting formal meetups, informal gatherings, retweeting regional events and member activities.

If you follow us, select 'Turn on mobile notifications' to receive a push notification on your phone every time we tweet. This is the most visible and instantaneous method of tracking what's coming up. In addition, many of the Salesforce Ohana are active on Twitter.

We have a collaboration group on the Trailblazer community site. To access, go to this link.

The group is publicly accessible, and you can join instantly. It is the best way for group members to have conversations and discussions with each other. Feel free to post your own interesting findings, tips, local job activity, links, events and so forth. We will also post formal meetups, informal gathering and regional events here. You can choose to get instant, daily or weekly feed activity reports sent to your email.

You can use the email to privately contact the group's leader. You can also send direct messages on twitter or via chatter.

This website is not designed for interactive collaboration, but will serve as an easy to find hub. It will link to event RSVP pages and maintain a list of our prior formal meetups.